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Market Recovery

The Market Recovery & Work Preservation software of our labor union software will improve the way you manage your budgets, projects, and contractors with a paperless, cloud-based system and real time reporting.

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Here are some key features:

  • Web portal for contractors to make paperless Work Recovery requests, respond to commitments, and report labor union member's timesheets directly into the system
  • Automatic member status validation for contractor timesheet submissions
  • Paperless tracking of member hours reported
  • Manage job targeting funds, projects and contractors
  • View the bidding tendencies of union & non-union projects bidders
  • Track win/loss percentages per region and or craft
  • Reduce human error in designating rates and hours
  • View contractors/member’s work history at each work recovery project
  • Detailed budget reporting per specified criteria
  • Custom reports that can be exported to PDF or excel

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