Frequently Asked Questions

Can the system be customized?

Yes! Our team will work with your staff to ensure that the system is a perfect fit for the needs of your union. Additional customizations can also be made to the system after the system is implemented.

Can we do a free system trial?

Free trials can be provided to customers that do not require system customizations.

How does pricing work?

Union Impact is billed as a subscription. Our pricing starts at $300/month and includes support, updates, backups and basic data import during setup. If customizations are needed, they are quoted and billed as a one time cost.

Is the system secure when accessed from a public network?

Yes. The connection between your device and the Union Impact system is encrypted using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This is the same type of encryption protocol that banks use when they allow their customers to sign-in online.

How reliable is my data on the cloud?

Union Impact runs on the same level of data centers that form the bedrock of Google or Amazon operations. Overlapping uptime and backup guarantees your information is accessible 99% of the time.

What type of training is provided?

During the on-boarding and going live process we will provide your staff with webinar trainings, manuals and videos. If needed, we can also to a training for your staff on-site (travel fee may apply). If additional questions arise, our support staff is always available to help via phone or email. 

What type of support is provided?

Union Impact provides phone and email support during regular business hours of 7AM – 5PM (PST)

Will the system go out of date?

No. Union Impact will constantly update your system to make sure it is compatible with the most common browsers and devices. These updates are included in your subscription cost.  

How is the system backed up?

By default, full system backups are made on a daily basis. If needed, the system can be upgraded to hourly backups.

Can my existing data be transferred to Union Impact?

In most cases your data can be transferred to Union Impact. To be sure, our team will need to evaluate your existing data and management system.  



Thank you for your interest in Union Impact’s cloud based labor union software. We are happy to answer your questions, listen to suggestions and feedback, and support your organization.

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