Cloud-Based Software Provides
Real-Time Membership Tracking

Traditional software for tracking union memberships are outdated, expensive and difficult to use. Union Impact provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for tracking union memberships in real-time, making it accessible from any web browser.

This allows both members and staff to update information from any location, making it convenient for them. The software covers all the core needs of a union, including dispatch, job tracking, employer management, market recovery, grievance tracking, reporting, dues payment and more. Additionally, it can integrate with most existing software, so you can continue using the software you’re already familiar with.


Many member management systems only allow users to run programs in a single office location or using specific hardware. Cloud-based software means that your organization will not have to worry about storage space, server maintenance or software upgrades. Union Impact is fully hosted in the cloud, allowing for seamless updates, increased security and complete access to all member information from anywhere, at any time. This makes union operations more efficient, as all members and staff have access to the most up-to-date information, resulting in real-time membership tracking and improved workflow.


Union Impact is a modular system, which means each component is built individually but made to work seamlessly with other components. Because each union is different, Union Impact allows organizations to pick and choose the components that will best meet their needs—and the capabilities for growth are endless. If a union realizes it’s growing beyond the selected modules, it can add more components that are easy-to-learn and fit smoothly into the existing system.

Save Time

Stop dealing with wasted time and confusion due to duplicate data entries among departments or systems. Union Impact is designed to streamline and simplify your union’s operations, saving you valuable time. With all the important information stored in one central, secure location, you can avoid duplication of data entry and ensure that all departments have access to the most up-to-date information. By having a system that can manage high volumes of data and applications in one easy-to-use platform, you’ll be able to minimize wasted time and focus your energy on more important tasks.

For more information or to try Union Impact, visit here to set up a free demo account or walk through the program with an expert.


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