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Labor Union Membership Management System

Cloud Based Workforce Management Software

The most efficient and secure way to administer your Members, Staff, Contractors, and Representatives all under one roof.
Union Membership Software Overview

Overview of Union Management Software:

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Web Based Union Software Solutions

Union Impact utilizes cloud based computing which allows users to securely input and upload information instantaneously from anywhere. All you need is a web browser to use this labor union software.

Fully Customized to Fit Your Management Needs

Custom Union Member Software

Because Union Impact is built on a modular system, you are in control of what features are essential to your specific organization. As your Union grows, you can always add more features to your customized framework.

Easy to Use and Fully Secure

Easy Union Membership Software

You have the ability to control access, create users, define roles, and manage permissions with just a few clicks.

We Want to Hear From You

Since our goal is to make labor union software as customizable and as responsive to the needs of your organization as possible, we are always interested in hearing about ideas or features you might need in order to streamline your management workflow.


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